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At Atlas International Movers we understand that when you move to another country within your region or overseas the relocation of your household goods and personal belongings is only a small part of what you need to organise. Thanks to our experienced staff and our worldwide network of trusted partners, we have the capability to manage your relocation in accordance with your personal requirements and in full compliance with all regulations, to and from any location worldwide. Besides moving your belongings we can also assist you with long or short term storage.

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Atlas International Movers

  • Dees Peters

    CEO and Owner

    Owner and CEO of Atlas International Movers. Dees was born and raised in a family of International Movers. In 2011 he chose his own path and has successfully grown Atlas to where it stands today, always keeping the focus on quality, flexibility and looking after his staff.

  • Arend Reijm


    Arend has worked in the moving industry for over 35 years and has successfully fulfilled several senior roles with different companies. Over the last several years Arend has focussed on Innovation and Quality. Arend’s network reaches from Alaska to Australia and from Norway to South Africa.

  • Jan Koets


    Commercial Director with over 20 years experience in the international moving and relocation industry. Jan has successfully implemented move management programs with corporate clients across the globe. Whether it be a centralized or decentralized program or a program via an RMC, Jan has the global network, vision and experience to support you.

  • Mitch Verbraeken

    Business Development Manager

    Mitch has been working in the industry since 2017, during this period he has fulfilled different job roles and gained experience in different areas of expertise. His innovative insights about the use of technology in the industry will help us to further develop solutions to support our clients and manage their needs.

  • Bob Bergenhenegouwen

    Customer Service Manager

    Customer Service Manager. Bob has worked in the moving industry since 1995 and knows our industry inside out. Bob has the experience and insight on both the operations and customer service side which makes him the ideal Customer Service Manager. With his experience and knowledge he supports our clients across the globe.

  • Dennis van den Heuvel

    Pricing Manager

    Dennis has been working within the international moving industry for over 20 years. He has fulfilled several roles across Asia and holds all required certifications. Dennis joined us in 2019, he is the best man for this role and does an amazing job.

  • Linda Boersma

    Account Manager

    Having lived abroad for many years as an expat, Linda knows exactly what our customers require. Linda uses her experience every day to help guide our clients to their new destination, providing them with relevant advise. Linda takes care of the majority of our in-home and video surveys. Linda is fluent in French and is our main contact for our French speaking clients.

  • Esmee van der Does

    Customer Service

    Esmee works in our customer support team and ensures all our clients receive our transparent quotations timely. Esmee will follow up with our clients to ensure our quotations meet the requirments of our customers.

  • Danieck Schippers

    Customer Service

    Danieck has selected Atlas International Movers for her internship. She is investigating how we can further improve our customer service and service delivery. Our goal is to ensure Atlas raises the bar for others in our industry.

  • Eric Entrop

    Global Move Specialist

    Eric joined Atlas International Movers in the role of Senior Move Coordinator, with 8 years experience in the moving industry and education in logistics and customs affairs, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge to our organisation.

  • Sigrid Meijer

    Global Move Specialist

    Sigrid lived abroad as an expat, she knows exactly how time consuming and stressful an international move can be. Sigrid uses her personal experience every day to guide and support our customers and manage their expectations to ensure a swift transfer to their new home.

  • Ciska Pieterse

    Global Move Specialist

    Ciska has 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, she brings a wealth of experience in customer service and has the natural skill to manage efficiently and effectively never loosing eye for detail.

  • Joey Tuinenburg

    Global Move Specialist

    Joey is  a senior move coordinator, he has worked in the international moving industry since 2006 and has been responsible for the relocation of thousands of expats and their families around the globe.

  • Lisa Vader

    Global Move Specialist

    Lisa has worked in the international moving industry since 2012, she is a true specialist at what she does. It’s not without reason that in 2015 she was elected by the FIDI Academy as Top Student of the year.

  • Martin Vastenhout


    Martin has worked with Atlas for over 25 years, he is responsible for the daily planning of our packing crews, our trucks around Europe and warehousing operations. When required Martin will join a packing crew, jump behind the wheel of one of our trucks or hand out a storage shipment to a client. 

  • Pieter Kraakman

    Financial Administration employee

    Pieter has worked with Atlas for over 15 years and heads up our financial department. Pieter recently implemented new financial tools which will support our clients.

  • Liesbeth Agterberg

    Financial Administration

    Liesbeth is a Financial Administration employee at Atlas International Movers. Liesbeth ensures that all our clients meet their payment obligations.

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