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Social and Environmental Policy

Code of Conduct

During the execution of all our services, we want to offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment, in which he / she can work satisfactorily and develop personally. We ensure that every employee has the necessary resources to perform his / her duties in a safe and healthy way to prevent accidents at the highest priority.
We are bound by our law, rules and legislation on sex, race, religion, appearance, harassment, sexual preference, disability and anti-discrimination.
We see our own employees as our ambassadors of our company, we are proud of them what they perform every day.
For our customers we will try to receive the highest customer satisfaction possible, after all, they ensure our right to exist and to expand.
We treat and communicate with our suppliers and partners in a professional way like we want to be treated by them. We strive for a win-win situation, so all those who are involved have benefits doing business with us.
We are constantly working to improve all these aspects and follow the social developments and what the employment contract of our branches prescribes.

Environmental Policy

We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the environment (CO2 emissions from company cars). We realize that we have little or no influence on sea transport and air transport and that our own efforts to save, by loading efficiently and driving efficiently, have a limited contribution to the total.
With our trucks we drive throughout Europe and with an effective planning we help the environment and reducing our own costs.
When replacing and expanding our fleet, we choose for the latest technology to reduce CO2 emissions: Euro 5 or 6 for our trucks and electrical or plug-in cars for passenger cars, and make our contribution in this way. Our forklift trucks are electrical driven.
Our motto here is "every little bit helps".

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