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Moving Checklist

Practical guidance for your international relocation

At Atlas International Movers, we understand that a relocation abroad would mean relocating your entire personal life. Our moving checklist is a convenient tool to help you with everything you need for your relocation. 
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A number of things must be organised well in advance, while other things must be done just before you move. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. Atlas International Movers is ready to organise your move as quickly as possible. 

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4 weeks before you move

  • At an appropriate time, explain to friends and family why you want to move.
  • Find out what items you no longer need and can dispose of.
  • Empty the basement, garage or attic as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that all passports are still valid and that your visa is arranged wherever necessary.
  • If you are taking a car along, check whether you require an international driving licence.
  • Notify your lawyer, doctor and dentist that you are relocating.
  • Notify your bank as soon as possible, so that the transfer of your account will also take place smoothly.
  • If you have pets, Atlas will advise you about quarantine requirements. Ensure that you have copies of the reports and records of your veterinarian

3 weeks before you move

  • Ensure that your car, personal and medical insurance covers every possible eventuality.
  • Ensure that all the gas and electricity meter readings are recorded and that everything can be closed down on the day of your departure.
  • Disconnect your telephone and request your final bill.
  • Send out your address change cards if any as soon as possible and notify the post office about your relocation.
  • Inform the schools of your children in time and ensure that you have copies of school reports and certificates that may be required by the new schools.
  • Collect all the relevant documents, such as work permits, tax records and bank statements.
  • If you are taking along plants, check the health conditions.
  • Ensure that you have terminated all your newspapers, magazines and club subscriptions.

2 weeks before you move

  • Decide which personal items you will pack yourself and set these aside.
  • Collect valuable items such as jewellery and personal items that you will take along with you and pack them carefully.
  • Ensure that your tickets, hotel reservations, passports and other documents are safely in one place.
  • Ensure that you return all your rented and borrowed items such as televisions and videos.
  • Prepare garden tools for packaging. In case of lawn mowers, drain out the oil and fuel. Evacuate the contents of hoses and carefully roll them up.
  • Non-toxic cleaning liquids may be packed in plastic bags. Oil, paint, aerosols and other inflammable and toxic chemicals cannot be taken along.

Moving day!

  • Remain close to our packaging supervisor so that you can issue instructions about ‘special’ items.
  • When you arrive at your destination, you will experience the advantages of careful planning.
  • You will be asked to sign the inventory. Keep your copies safe.
  • Sort out all your keys into two clusters: one bunch that you will take along, and one bunch that you will leave behind. Labelling of the same will make this important task easier.
  • Pack in a ‘survival kit’ with all the small items that you will require when you arrive.
  • If necessary, make arrangements with your neighbours so that there is sufficient parking space at the time of your relocation

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