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Moving to Africa

Moving to Africa with Atlas International Movers

Africa - the up and coming continent! The number of (corporate) relocations that Atlas International Movers is making to this continent each year is increasing. With 54 countries, Africa is one of the largest continents on Earth. Its location on the equator ensures that Africa is rich in culture, landscape and climate. Atlas International Movers organises your relocation to any country within Africa, with South Africa being the most popular destination. Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are the most popular cities in South Africa for international companies, but Atlas International Movers also arranges relocations to other countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Angola.

The customs formalities may be complex, but through many years of experience, Atlas International Movers knows precisely what is required in order to ensure your smooth move to Africa. After carefully packing your household goods, we load them on to the sea container ourselves so that your belongings complete the long journey in total safety. Are you moving to South Africa? In that case, your container will arrive at the port of Durban or Cape Town, from where your household goods will be transported further inland. Before commencing your relocation, we will provide you with extensive support for all the necessary formalities and procedures.

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Relocation of private persons to Africa

Do you want to live in Africa? Atlas International Movers can also help you find suitable accommodation. From the deserts in the north, the savannah in the centre, to the rainforests and jungles in the south. The choice is enormous and Atlas International Movers is the right partner to make this major step to another continent. As a moving company, we have many years of experience with relocation of private persons to Africa. We will organise every aspect of your trip from the Netherlands to Africa. We apply extremely high standards of quality even in the country of your destination. Thanks to our good contacts with reliable local partners, we move your personal belongings to your destination without any problems.
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Whether you are moving to Nigeria, South Africa or Kenya, the professionals of Atlas International Movers would be happy to assist you in this process. Packing up your household goods, informing you about the necessary papers, or transporting your household goods to your destination: With thorough preparation, Atlas International Movers ensures that you have no anxieties whatsoever about your international relocation. Tip: use our moving checklist, which will help you better understand what you will need to relocate to Africa. It will enable you to know precisely what should be organised for your relocation, and when. We would be happy to relieve you of all your worries.
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