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Moving to Asia

Moving to Asia with Atlas International Movers

Asia: the largest continent in the world - made for expats! Many people who have relocated there simply love it and no longer want to leave! Singapore is a good example of a city where expats really enjoy their stay. Apart from the good employment opportunities, Asia offers a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, landscapes, economies, and of course a large variety of delicious cuisines. No matter where you move to, Atlas International Movers is the ideal moving company to take care of all your relocation worries.

As in other countries and continents, you will have to complete the required documentation, customs formalities and deal with cultural aspects in Asia. These formalities differ from country to country. Thanks to our many years of experience with moving to Asia, we are aware of all the applicable processes and regulations. We provide professional, seaworthy packing of your household goods and load them in a sea container or plane. Thanks to our good contacts with reliable local partners, we can move personal belongings to your destination without any difficulty.

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Working in Asia

Asia is a growing economy. There is a high demand for Western talent in countries such as China, Japan, Singapore and India. In China, for example, you could start working with a multinational company in a large city like Shanghai or Beijing. A knowledge of English is sufficient to be able to work here. India also offers many opportunities for expats. For many countries, you require an “employment visa” before you can work there. You are advised to apply for it in time in order to avoid disappointments. Malaysia is another popular country that is quite far and yet well developed, so the transition will not be a major one. No matter where in Asia you relocate, Atlas International Movers will move your household goods without any problems so that you can start working with complete peace of mind on the other side of the world.
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Emigration to Asia: Atlas International Movers helps you get started

Asia is a top destination - and not just for business. Asia is also a unique and special continent to live in. The people here are extremely hospitable and friendly, and the various countries with their distinctive cultures make Asia a truly special part of the world. Thailand is popular due to the growing economy. Real estate is cheap and the country has all the western facilities that you are used to in the Netherlands - but above all, it is safe. The professionals at Atlas International Movers will organise your relocation from door to door and provide you with all the information that you require in order to begin your new life in Asia. During the relocation process, you will be in constant contact with your personal move coordinator, who will reply to all your questions about your relocation.
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