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Moving to England

Moving to England with Atlas International Movers

Welcome to fish and chips! England is the largest country in the United Kingdom with around 50 million inhabitants, a long history, and is also the country of football and the British pound. Are you contemplating relocating to England (or London)? The historical metropolis of London, located just a short distance from the Netherlands, with its varied landscapes, make England a great destination in which to live and work. Atlas International Movers specialises in relocations to England and is therefore the best partner to perfectly organise your relocation right down to the last detail.

With our many years of experience, we know exactly how your belongings can safely be moved from door to door. Well trained and committed movers guarantee a relocation with total peace of mind! Before you relocate, our moving consultant will visit you to discuss your relocation with you and find out more about your wishes and expectations. Whether you wish to move to London, Manchester or the countryside, Atlas International Movers will ensure that your belongings will reach your destination safely.

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Working in England

Atlas International Movers regularly carries out corporate relocations to England. Many of our corporate customers work in the financial sector and are established in the environs of London. Atlas International Movers relocates the foreign employees of these companies. Since we regularly offer relocations to various locations in England, in London as well as elsewhere, we can quickly organise your relocation. If you are going to spend a little time in England as an expat, Atlas International Movers can offer you safe storage space for all your belongings. Your belongings are always in good hands with us.
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Emigration of private persons to England

An economical method of moving is combined transport, which means that our trucks transport goods to England and back to the Netherlands each week, thereby keeping your costs down. Are you moving to England, and are yet to find suitable accommodation? Here again, you can totally rely on Atlas International Movers to find you a solution. We would be happy to bring you in contact with our local partners who would be eager to help you find a great apartment in London or a cosy bungalow in the English countryside. You will quickly enjoy your new environment in versatile England. Request a free quote and we offer you a suitable proposal.
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