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Moving to Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong with Atlas International Movers


Are you planning to move to Hong Kong shortly? And are you looking for the perfect relocation company? Atlas International Movers will completely arrange your relocation to this vibrant metropolis. We understand that moving to the other side of the world can be an exciting and challenging experience. We provide the guidance and personal attention that is needed for this profound change in your life. We offer a service with high quality, flexibility and professionality to assure you of a smooth relocation to Hong Kong. 

Moving to Hong Kong probably means that you have to travel a long way to get there. Because of that, you want to be sure that all your household goods are packed safely and professionally. We make sure that your goods arrive easily, safely and quickly at your desired destination. Besides the actual relocation we help you with the arrangements of the necessary paperwork. This includes obtaining a visa. We would be happy to discuss your wishes during a preparatory conversation to plan every detail of your relocation to Hong Kong.  

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Moving to vibrant Hong Kong

The inhabitants of Hong Kong have always been oriented on the outside world. Consequently, English is spoken by many. Nowadays it is the preferred language of the government, the business world and the tourist sector. Expats will not experience any difficulties in terms of communication. Living in Hong Kong offers you endless opportunities. Hong Kong has a great infrastructure, a vibrant nightlife and countless entertainment and shopping opportunities. Both the Asian and Western cultures are prominently present in this city. The city of Hong Kong creates a perfect balance between the traditional Chinese culture and the modern, Western lifestyle. Hong Kong is famous for its many skyscrapers, but you can also find many green areas all around the city. This is because the inhabitants of Hong Kong consider it very important to engage in outdoor activities including hiking, rock-climbing and playing watersports. 
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Working as an expat in Hong Kong

Are you moving to Hong Kong for business purposes? This makes it even more important that you are well-informed about certain formalities you have to deal with during a relocation to Hong Kong. You have to apply for a working visa before you actually arrive in China. We help you with selecting the appropriate visa and other practical matters that you need to be aware of. We help you with finding comfortable accommodation, an excellent school for your children and taking out insurance policies. Are you curious to know what we can do for you? Request a quotation free of any obligations for more information about your relocation to Hong Kong. 
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