Moving to Indonesia

Moving to Indonesia


You are moving to Indonesia. Atlas Movers will get you there.

Thanks to our many years of experience and good collaboration with our local partners, moving to Indonesia is a totally hassle-free process. Whether you live in the USA, Indonesia or France; we will take all your worries off your hands when moving to Indonesia.

We offer you personal support during this exciting step of moving to Indonesia. Like any other relocation, moving to Indonesia is a major event. Atlas International Movers is there to facilitate your journey from door to door.

Atlas International Movers calls at various destinations all over the world each week to pack, load and deliver household goods. Do you have any questions? Our experts would be happy to help! We are the perfect moving company to arrange your move to the country of Indonesia. 

What do you have to arrange yourself?

If you want to move to Indonesia it will be important to obtain the right visa, because you’ll be staying there for more than 30 days. Foreign nationals from countries that are included in the 169 Visa-Free Country List are entitled to visa exemption and may enter Indonesia from 124 immigration checkpoints and are granted a 30-day stay that cannot be extended. Mandatory requirements include: passport with minimum 6 months validity and return / through tickets.

Visas in Indonesia

The right visa for you depends on the reason you’re moving to Indonesia, your nationality and how long you intend to stay in Indonesia. So where can I find more information about visas in Indonesia? The best place with the most information is the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia website. Here you will find all the information about the different types of visas available and their requirements. All information comes directly from the Indonesian government, so it will be correct. Below are the different kinds of visas: 

  • diplomatic Visa;
  • service Visa;
  • visitor Visa; and
  • temporary stay Visa.

On the website of the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia you will find the multiple visa options available. This is an easy way to help you find out which visa is most suitable for you. If you want to apply for any kind of visa, you can visit this page and it will show you all the available visas. Just click on the right visa and then you will see the necessary documents and the procedures you need to follow.

What rights will my visa give me in Indonesia? Every visa has different rights and conditions, so it’s important to find out what you’re entitled to and what your restrictions are while living in Indonesia. We advise you to visit the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia website for more information and advice.

Can I become a Indonesian Citizen?

Can I become an Indonesian citizen? Yes, there are several ways of acquiring Indonesian nationality. You automatically become an Indonesian national if one of your parents is Indonesian when you are born. Or if you’re married to a Indonesian citizen. Before you apply for the Indonesia citizenship, make sure you have met these requirements: 

  • Resided in Indonesia for at least 5 consecutive years or 10 consecutive years by the time you apply for the Indonesian citizenship
  • At least 18 years old, or if you are under 18 years old, you have to be married
  • Mentally and physically healthy
  • Never commit to any crime that makes you being prisoned for 1 year or more
  • You don’t have any other citizenship because Indonesia doesn’t admit dual citizenship. So, if you are registered as a citizen of any other nationality, you need to prepare yourself to release your former citizenship.
  • Able to speak Bahasa Indonesia/Indonesian language
  • Acknowledge Pancasila and Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Year 1945
  • You have a fixed income, or you are employed to a job
  • You agree to pay the citizenship fee

For more information on how to become an Indonesian national, contact the municipality where you live. That is also where you have to submit your application. This website also gives full information about the Nationality Law in Indonesia.

You are moving to Indonesia, what’s next?

So you’re moving to Indonesia! You have a job offer/work contract with a work residence visa. Now it’s important to make the relocation to Indonesia as smooth as possible, that’s why Atlas is the perfect partner for your relocation. In addition to moving to Indonesia, you will also have to start looking at everything Indonesia has to offer. Why else is moving to Indonesia right for you? 

Indonesia is known for its beautiful flora and fauna, full of culture, nice people and good food. But today’s visitors should certainly try to visit the smaller cities and villages and experience the older Indonesian culture. Along with the country’s breathtaking nature, those sightseeing here will also find the vibrant larger cities.

These are some of the most beautiful places you should visit whilst staying in Indonesia:

  • Dieng Plateau: Perched at 2,000m above sea level, Dieng Plateau is one of the coolest destinations in Indonesia.
  • Borobudur Temple: The biggest Buddhist sanctuary in the world is a must-visit, not only because of its religious significance but also for the beauty and charm.
  • Komodo National Park: Mighty and otherworldly, the Komodo dragon could be the most fascinating creature on earth – and one you can only encounter in the wild at the Komodo National Park.
  • Raja Ampat: With an incredibly lively underwater scene, this tropical paradise is home to more than 530 species of coral, 700 species of mollusk and 1,300 types of fish.
  • Ubud: Considered the art and culture capital of Bali, Ubud charms with elegant art galleries and lively traditional performances.

Of course there is so much to see and you don’t have to do everything at once. That is the beauty of living in Indonesia, there is always something new to discover. Do you want to know more about the country and all that it has to offer? Have a look at their tourism website!

Living in Indonesia

Moving to Indonesia is exciting and new. It’s a beautiful country with lots to offer. But living in Indonesia also comes with certain rules and guidelines. Indonesia is a modest country where the Islam is the largest religion. Proper manners and consideration towards others are highly valued in Indonesia, and misbehaving tourists are increasingly causing friction. In order not to annoy or offend the locals, foreign visitors should be familiar with at least the basic rules.

Luckily there are multiple websites dedicated to making living in Indonesia easier for expats. If you want more information about the Indonesian culture and social etiquettes, try this website. You’ll find loads of useful information about Indonesia and the Indonesian etiquette.

How do we proceed?

The process of moving to Indonesia is different for every client, it depends on which country you’re moving from and if you’re already an Indonesian citizen. But our system stays the same! The employees of our partners will pack your household goods in seaworthy packaging, after which they will be transported by sea, while small consignments will be sent by air.

They will visit you at your home and will discuss with you what is required in order to emigrate to Indonesia. They will draw up a detailed inventory and will explain to you the specific rules for the customs clearance of your belongings, to ensure you are fully prepared for moving to Indonesia.

Thanks to our many years of experience and good collaboration with our local partners, we will ensure that you will have no surprises when moving to Indonesia. If you’re planning to move to Indonesia and you want us to help you move, you can request a free quote or use one of the options below.

A call request

We will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss your requirements, answer any questions you may have and plan an appointment for a pre-move survey. Let us guide and advise you to make your transition as smoothly as possible. Feel free to leave your name and number, one of our customer service agents will call you shortly to assist you.

A video survey

You have come to a stage that you require to request a quotation for your upcoming move. You may still have some questions and prefer a video survey above an in-home survey. Select a day and time and we will reach out to you to conduct a video survey. Using your mobile device you can show us the items you would like to move.

A survey form

You know exactly what to move and would like to learn more about the flexibility of our services and related pricing. Just follow the process, complete your details, tell us about your requirements and we will get back to you shortly with our quotation for your requested services.

If you are not really sure on what to choose, a call request is the easiest solution. That way we can answer all of your questions! If you, like us, like to prepare for a relocation then you may find our checklist very helpful. It gives a timeline with tips on how to prepare yourself for your relocation! Download our checklist at the bottom of this page!

Your own relocation coordinator

Atlas International Movers guides your move from door to door. If you have any questions during the relocation process, please contact your personal relocation coordinator. This person can answer all your questions about the move. This way you can prepare for your life in Indonesia without any problems.

If you are moving to Indonesia and you want to make an appointment with us or one of our partners, please feel free to contact us or view our website! If you would like storage for your household effects before, during or after moving to Indonesia, this is also possible.

Click here for more information about inventory storage at Atlas. If you want to know more about Atlas International Movers, read more about our moving company here!

Atlas will provide you the smoothest possible experience when moving to Indonesia.

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