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Moving to Malta

Moving to Malta with Atlas International Movers


Moving to Malta can be an exciting and challenging experience. Atlas International Movers is a professional and international relocation company and we assist you during the complete process of your relocation to Malta. In this way, you will not face any unpleasant surprises. We will make sure that we help you as much as we can during your relocation, but there are also a few points of attention that you have to think of yourself. Our moving checklist makes sure that you start your relocation to Malta well prepared. Of course we will discuss this list with you and help you with complicated documents or requests when necessary. Besides that, we work together with the most reliable and quick partners to make sure that your relocation to Malta goes smoothly.

It is very important that your personal goods are packed in a safe way during your relocation to Malta. Our experienced movers pack and transport your personal goods in a professional way so that they arrive in perfect state at your desired destination. During a preparatory talk we discuss your wishes and the details of your relocation to Malta. We gladly think along with you and attach much value to clear, transparent communication. Your personal relocation coordinator will guide you through this process and makes sure that you do not miss any important information. In this way, you can start your relocation without any worries. Do not hesitate to request a quote for more information about your relocation to Malta.

For more information about Malta, visit Welcome Center Malta:

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Life on Malta

Malta is also called the island of the hedonists. The pleasant climate, villages full of culture and cosy restaurants and bars makes sure that you quickly feel at home in Malta. Besides that, Malta bursts of beautiful beaches and amazing natural attractions such as the blue lagoon. Life on Malta is very calm and easy-going compared to for example northern European countries. Everything happens in a slower paste, which causes less stress. The inhabitants of Malta are very welcoming and sympathetic. English is one of the official languages of Malta, which makes communicating very easy. Besides that, the costs of living in Malta are much cheaper than for example in the Netherlands.   
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Emigrating to Malta

Are your employees transferring to Malta? Or are you moving there for private reasons? Atlas International Movers makes sure that you and your employees are transferred comfortably to your new home in Malta. By bringing personal belongings, you and your employees will quickly feel at home in the new environment. During your relocation you will be assisted by your own relocation coordinator who is there to answer all your questions. During a personal conversation we discuss your wishes and offer you a suitable advice. Are you curious about what we can do for you during your relocation to Malta? Request a free quote for more information and fully enjoy the start of your new adventure in Malta! 

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