Moving to Taiwan

Moving to Taiwan


You are moving to Taiwan. Atlas Movers will get you there.

Are you moving to Taiwan? Thanks to our many years of experience and good collaboration with our local partners, moving to Taiwan is a totally hassle-free process. Whether you live in Japan, Indonesia or anywhere else in the world; we will take all your worries off your hands when moving to Taiwan. We offer you personal support during this exciting step of moving to Taiwan. 

You have worked and lived abroad, and you now want to move to Taiwan. Like any other relocation, moving to Taiwan is a major event. Atlas International Movers is there to facilitate your journey from door to door. Atlas International Movers calls at various destinations all over the world each week to pack, load and deliver household goods. Do you have any questions? Our experts would be happy to help! We are the perfect moving company to arrange your move to the country of Taiwan.

Moving to Taiwan, what do you have to arrange yourself?

If you’re moving to Taiwan it will be important to obtain the right visa. The right visa for you depends on the reason you’re moving to Taiwan, your nationality and how long you intend to stay in Taiwan. So where can I find more information about visas in Taiwan? The best place with the most information is the official website for Consular Services of Taiwan

Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents and who intend to stay in Taiwan for no more than six months for the purposes  of transit; tour; visit relatives; undertake visits; undertake inspection tours; attend international conferences; conduct business; pursue short-term study; undertake short-term employment; undertake short-term missionary work; and engage in other activities in the ROC as approved by MOFA.

Moving to Taiwan
Bureau Of Consular Affairs. (2017, June 31). Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, republic of china(taiwan). Flow Chart of Visitor Visa Application. Retrieved November 2, 2021, from 

Here you will find detailed information about the Taiwanese visas!

If you want to apply for an online visa, you can do that on this website!

Can I become a Taiwanese Citizen?

Can I become a Taiwanese citizen? Yes, there are several ways of acquiring Taiwanese nationality. You can become a Taiwanese citizen with all the accompanying rights through either naturalization, marriage, or birth. If you have a residence in Taiwan while meeting the following requirements, you may apply for naturalization:

  • You have lived in Taiwan for more than 183 days each year for at least five consecutive years;
  • Have the capacity to act in accordance with the laws of the ROC and the laws of their own state.
  • Have no bad conduct, and have no criminal records as certified by the Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Possess enough property or professional skills to support themselves or lead a stable life;
  • Possess basic proficiency in the national language of the ROC and basic knowledge of the rights and obligations of ROC nationals.

For more information about nationality act click here!

You are moving to Taiwan, what’s next?

So you’re moving to Taiwan! You have a job offer with a permanent residence visa or your citizenship status is approved. Now it’s important to make the relocation to Taiwan as smooth as possible, that’s why Atlas is the perfect partner for your relocation. Why else is moving to Taiwan right for you? Well, expats living in this country enjoy many benefits of going to Taiwan including a nice climate, great quality of living, great education, and of course the work-life balance is different in Taiwan. It can be experienced much harder.

Taiwan is known everywhere as the land of the Taipei 101, the largest tower of Taiwan. But Taiwan has so much more to offer, they have great tech, food, bubble tea and night markets. The country has vibrant cities with old/new architecture and super friendly people.

These are some of the most beautiful places you should visit whilst staying in Taiwan:

  • Taipei 101: The one-time tallest building in the world may no longer be a record holder, but it is still one of Taiwan’s most impressive buildings and well worth a visit.
  • National Palace Museum: Home to one of the largest collections of Chinese imperial artifacts, the National Palace Museum offers a look into imperial China’s past.
  • Taroko Gorge: Home to one of the most visited natural wonders in Taiwan. Take the trail to the Eternal Spring Shrine which features a stunning waterfall.
  • Yushan National Park: Yushan National Park is the setting for the country’s tallest mountain along with several other picturesque peaks such as Sanqingshan.
  • Alishan Scenic Mountain Area: Alishan’s mountain railway is an ever popular tourist destination with both local and foreign tourists.

Of course there is so much to see and you don’t have to do everything at once. That is the beauty of living in Taiwan, there is always something new to discover. Do you want to know more about the country and all that it has to offer? Have a look at their tourism website! Don’t worry, the website is available in English!

Living in Taiwan

Moving to Taiwan is exciting and new. It’s a beautiful country with lots to offer. Living in Taiwan is easy and the people are friendly.  But Taiwan still has a verys strong culture. Some traditional values remain strong, including piety toward parents, ancestor worship, a strong emphasis on education and work, and the importance of “face”


These are some of the things expats found different about living in Taiwan. Luckily there are multiple websites dedicated to making living in Taiwan easier for expats. If you want more information about Taiwanese culture and social etiquette, try this website. You’ll find loads of useful information about Taiwan.

Moving to Taiwan? How do we proceed?

The process of moving to Taiwan is different for every client, it depends on which country you’re moving from and if you’re already a Taiwanese citizen. But our system stays the same! The employees of our partners will pack your household goods in seaworthy packaging, after which they will be transported by sea, while small consignments will be sent by air.

They will visit you at your home and will discuss with you what is required in order to emigrate to Taiwan. They will draw up a detailed inventory and will explain to you the specific rules for the customs clearance of your belongings, to ensure you are fully prepared for moving to Taiwan. Thanks to our many years of experience and good collaboration with our local partners, we will ensure that you will have no surprises when moving to Taiwan. If you’re planning to move to Taiwan and you want us to help you move, you can request a free quote or use one of the options below.

A call request

We will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss your requirements, answer any questions you may have and plan an appointment for a pre move survey. Let us guide and advise you to make your transition as smoothly as possible. Feel free to leave your name and number, one of our customer service agents will call you shortly to assist you.

A video survey

You have come to a stage that you require to request a quotation for your upcoming move. You may still have some questions and prefer a video survey above an in-home survey. Select a day and time and we will reach out to you to conduct a video survey. Using your mobile device you can show us the items you would like to move.

A survey form

You know exactly what to move and would like to learn more about the flexibility of our services and related pricing. Just follow the process, complete your details, tell us about your requirements and we will get back to you shortly with our quotation for your requested services.

If you are not really sure on what to choose, a call request is the easiest solution. That way we can answer all of your questions! If you, like us, like to prepare for a relocation then you may find our checklist very helpful. It gives a timeline with tips on how to prepare yourself for your relocation! Download our checklist at the bottom of this page!

Your own relocation coordinator

Atlas International Movers guides your move from door to door. If you have any questions during the relocation process, please contact your personal relocation coordinator. This person can answer all your questions about the move. This way you can prepare for your life in Taiwan without any problems.

With our years of experience, we know exactly how to get your belongings safely from door to door. Well-trained and committed movers guarantee you a worry-free move! Our relocation consultant will visit you prior to your move to Taiwan. Our advisor will discuss the move with you and ask about your wishes and expectations. Whether you want to move to Taichung, Taipei, Taoyuan or one of the other beautiful cities with Atlas International Movers, your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

If you are moving to Taiwan and you want to make an appointment with us or one of our partners, please feel free to contact us or view our website! If you would like storage for your household effects before, during or after moving to Taiwan, this is also possible. Click here for more information about inventory storage at Atlas. If you want to know more about Atlas International Movers, read more about our moving company here!

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