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Moving to the United Kingdom

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Are you planning on moving to the United Kingdom (or London)? Atlas International Movers organizes many individual and business relocations overseas every day. The UK is one of our most frequent moving destinations. Many people choose to move from the Netherlands to the UK every year, because this country has enormous economic opportunities to offer. Do you also want to move to the United Kingdom? Atlas International Movers is there for you every step of the way. We even assign a personal relocation coordinator who helps you with your entire relocation. 

We have years of experience moving both expats and individuals. Because of this, you can count on involved and skilled movers who always make sure that your move to the United Kingdom goes smoothly. We do not only relocate your household goods, but we also help you when complex custom formalities have to be arranged. Your personal relocation coordinator guides you through the entire process to make sure that you do not miss any important information. During a personal visit we will discuss your personal wishes and preferences. Feel free to request a moving quote to obtain more information.

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Moving to the United Kingdom after Brexit

The United Kingdom has had strict immigration laws for years, and in recent years it has been tightened even more. If you are moving to the United Kingdom or want to work there, we advise you to find out if you need a visa. If you do not have an English nationality, you may need a permit. However, if you are registered as a Dutch citizen, you do not have to worry about this: you are regarded as an EEA citizen. Citizens of all countries within the European Union do not need a permit to work or live in England.

In 2016 it became clear that England would leave the European Union. For now, the Brexit has not yet been fully implemented, which means that people and goods can still move in and out of England. However, if the Brexit is fully implemented, moving to the UK is considerably more difficult and expensive. Do you want more information? Contact us!
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After your relocation to the UK

After your relocation, you also need a place to live in the UK. You can choose to rent a house, but you can also buy your own house. Especially when moving to the United Kingdom permanently, buying a house is often more attractive. House prices in the UK have been falling since 2004. The closer you want to live in London, the higher the house prices will be. It is therefore financially more attractive to move to the 'smaller' cities such as Liverpool or Bristol. The advantage of this is that you pay less, but still enjoy a beautiful location. Our local partners would be happy to help you find an accommodation, but also a good school for your children or taking out insurance policies, so that you can quickly adapt to your new life in the United Kingdom.
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